My name is Katelin and I like One Direction

supportstylinson: Ship Me <3

My name is Sarah.. So common. I know.

My hair is auburn black and dip dyed pink. :) My hair is naturally curly as I will show in the next pic, which is also my impression of Harry. Haha :)

Hello. I’m 20 years old and I’m a free spirit. I’m a college student studying psychology and I love my major. I’m a creative, loud, crazy person but I am a great listener when it comes to stuff that matters. I LOVE to socialize, especially at parties! My eyes are hazel with a green tint and I’m a fraternal twin. I love people who are witty and can keep up with my humor. Looking forward to seeing the results. xx

aw, you’re so pretty! I ship you with Liam! Sarah Payne is your new name or ┬áLiarah

How you will meet:

At a club! He’ll walk over and dance with you


Your first date:


Wedding dress:

Future, kids, pets:



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